Dr. Glenn Conner

“Athens State will give a person a chance.  This school makes a difference in lives.  Remarkable things happen.” Dr. Glenn Connor (Class of 1977) knows.  His life was changed by an encounter on a high school basketball court.  He had just finished a game when Athens Coach Oba Belcher introduced [...]

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Taylor Heck

  “Athens State was just the perfect combination of small class size, caring and knowledgeable professors, and the fact that it’s local.” As a history major, Taylor Heck never imagined that she would become a lawyer. She had no family or friends involved in the occupation, and yet she now [...]

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Debra Davenport

“I loved coming to class. I loved this campus. Even with my online classes, I always had plenty of help and I never felt that I was just floating out there with no guidance. I wish going to college was a profession. I would just do that. I love taking classes and going to [...]

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Dr. Katie Kinney

“The thing I try to relay to students I work with is 'Don't give up.' Going to school was a struggle. I had to work full time and go to school full time while doing it, but I would not trade that experience." "We talk about the millennials, and we [...]

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Dr. Fred Abernathy

“As a first generation college student and product of a single-parent home, I understand the sacrifices that my mother made every day that motivated me to make my life better. My Athens State experience allowed me to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in education with the help of a foundation scholarship." [...]

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