In addition to the campaign priorities, the University has a limited number of naming opportunities for those who wish to make a legacy gift.

Similar to the campaign priorities, these funds would directly benefit the University in accomplishing its mission of delivering top-quality programs and students in their pursuit of a better life.


GOAL: $1,000,000

The College of Arts and Sciences is our largest college in terms of course offerings with twenty-one majors, twenty-eight minors, and one graduate degree. With majors ranging from Art to Chemistry, Drama to Mathematics, and Criminal Justice to Religion, the College of Arts and Sciences is recognized for its significant diversity in majors.

Naming rights for the College of Arts and Sciences are based on a single gift or combined giving from a family or corporation that wishes to associate itself with excellence in Arts and Sciences. We would be happy to discuss this giving opportunity and answer any questions related to the benefits of this gift for both the University and the donor.


GOAL: $1,000,000

Our largest college in terms of enrollment, the College of Business at Athens State University offers eight majors and eighteen minors in areas such as accounting, human resources, information assurance, acquisition and contract management, and other areas of business management, along with a graduate degree in global logistics and supply chain management. The College is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Over 95% of our College of Business faculty were hired “from business to teach business” in their areas of expertise. In this academic business model, students learn from those who have been successful in the workforce.

Naming rights for the College of Business are based on a single gift or combined giving from a family or corporation that wishes to associate itself with excellence in business education. We would be happy to discuss this giving opportunity and answer any questions related to the benefits of this gift for both the University and the donor.


GOAL: $1,000,000

The College of Education at Athens State University awarded its first teacher certifications in 1911. Since then, the College has continued its commitment to the growth and success of North Alabama by identifying and hiring world-class faculty to prepare classroom-ready teachers. The education program has a strong tradition of graduating quality teacher candidates who are highly sought after in systems throughout this area. Unwilling to settle for anything less than providing the best possible talent for the region, the College of Education is developing new initiatives that focus on in-classroom mentoring beyond graduation and the latest uses of technology to enhance learning.

Faculty in the College believes that the greatest investment in the future of our great state is to ensure that each child has a teacher to help him reach his fullest potential. Committed to being a good community partner, the College works with the school systems and superintendents across North Alabama to provide summer learning experiences that support student achievement.

The College of Education is uniquely positioned to support both P-12 education and the area’s growth in business and workforce development. With the launch of its new online graduate program in Career and Technical Education in the fall of 2017, the College is now training tomorrow’s leaders for industries across the state. The naming rights for the College of Education are based on a single gift or combined giving from a family or corporation that wishes to associate itself with excellence in education. We would be happy to discuss this giving opportunity and answer any questions related to the benefits of this gift for both the University and the donor.


GOAL: $2,500,000

Constructed in 1996, the library is a central part of the Athens State campus that serves both students and the community. This single gift naming opportunity would establish a legacy for the donor and provide immediate funding for library improvements, as well as create a $1,000,000 endowment that would be used solely for library enhancements.


GOAL: $2,000,000

Constructed in 1998, the Classroom Building is used more than any other building on campus from an instructional standpoint. As a result, the building is already in need of remodeling to better meet student needs. This single gift opportunity would establish an endowment that would be used solely for future enhancements of the building.


GOAL: $750,000

Aside from the building itself, this space is the most recognizable and most widely used by both the University and the general public. The site of numerous gatherings, receptions, meetings, and socials, the parlor houses many of the former Athens State presidents’ portraits. This single gift naming opportunity would provide $250,000 for immediate updates, including new furniture, professional cleaning of presidential portraits, and the establishment of a $500,000 endowment that would be used solely for future enhancements.


GOAL: $750,000

The Founders Hall chapel most directly connects the University to its roots as a Methodist institution for 132 years. The chapel contains many hand-carved wooden reliefs of biblical events, as well as paintings and other artifacts donated to the University. This single gift opportunity would provide new furniture for the space and establish a $500,000 endowment that would be used solely for future enhancements.


The Alabama Center for the Arts is a collaborative academic effort between Athens State University, Calhoun Community College, the City of Decatur, and Morgan County. It has been acclaimed as a model for institutional cooperation in the state. The facility is a venue for college art instruction, community education, and cultural events, and it serves as a catalyst for the region’s creative growth and expression.

The current facility consists of two state-of-the-art buildings, one dedicated to performing arts and one to visual arts. Giving opportunities include scholarships, programming, and naming rights for programs, rooms, and buildings. We would be happy to discuss how your gift can impact students in these areas. Please contact University Advancement at 256.233.8215 regarding gifts to the Alabama Center for the Arts.




GOAL: $9,500,000



GOAL: $6,000,000



GOAL: $4,500,000