The mission of Athens State University – to advance students through teaching, service, and research – is best embodied through the University’s alumni. With each of the fifty states housing at least one Athens State alumnus, the mission of the University has been recognized both far and wide. Throughout the past 200 years, students have dreamed big, worked hard, and conquered all, carrying on the reputation of the institution through each interaction and accomplishment, no matter how big or small.

Our alumni are a living testament to how an education can transform lives. The “Athens Forever” bicentennial celebration is a time to celebrate the rich history of Athens State University while proactively preparing for its future. We want to celebrate our alumni’s achievements alongside our own, recognizing 200 years of turning learners into leaders.

Transforming Lives


Every success story represents the investment of many, as success is not attained independently. Instead, it requires the support and encouragement of those who care. Athens State University is fortunate to have faculty, staff, and alumni who truly care about students and helping them achieve success, making a true difference in their lives. In conjunction with the bicentennial celebration, a second initiative of “Athens Forever” includes an endowment campaign. We are actively seeking funds to provide students with new opportunities and learning environments while enriching the University community as a whole. These investments of support can provide hope and inspiration that all goals are attainable and that, together, we are all invested in success.


With each of the fifty states housing at least one Athens State alumnus, the mission of the University has been recognized both far and wide. We are proud of the positive impact our institution has in the lives of our alumni, which in turn affects communities across the globe. Our graduates are doing important work, shaping the world around them through leadership and innovative thinking.


As the current caretakers of this historic place, made possible by the dreams of those early few, we are responsible for ensuring that the story continues. With your support, we can honor the University’s vibrant past with an even brighter future, strengthening our commitment to students as we enter our third century as an institution of higher learning. We invite you to become a part of “Athens Forever” and help us build this foundation.

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Alumni involvement and support is what has allowed Athens State University to reach the point we are at today. As we celebrate 200 years of turning learners into leaders, we want to spotlight alumni accomplishments, which are a direct reflection of the skills and abilities learned while a student here.