Despite epidemics, wars, and economic downturns, Athens State has not only endured but has grown into a highly respected university. Our commitment to serve our communities, as well as our students, is stronger than ever. Over the past two centuries, many have shared in the mission and vision of the institution to help in reaching such a milestone. These individuals collectively care about the same thing – our students and their future success.

Athens State University is grateful to the generous alumni, faculty, staff, parents, corporations, volunteers, and foundations who help us excel every day. Contributions of both time and money allow the University to provide an exceptional education to today’s learners while preparing for what lies ahead. Though every gift is as unique as its donor, each aims to provide opportunity and advance knowledge. This common goal is what unites the University community as one and positions Athens State as an indispensable leader in education. This special time in the University’s history would not be possible without donors and their loyal support.

Supporting Success


The past 200 years have shown us that success is not built overnight. In conjunction with the bicentennial celebration, a second initiative of “Athens Forever” includes an endowment campaign, an investment in the long-term future of the University. Our history records two such prior efforts, both of which were unsuccessful due to world wars and economic crisis. Ensuring that the University has secured funds which generate income, both for scholarships and critical needs, will provide the cornerstone upon which the foundation for our future will be built. As we work to build a brighter tomorrow for Athens State, we ask for your continued support.


In 1982, a small group of college and community leaders formed an organization to provide means for financial and public support for Athens State University. The Athens State University Foundation was created as a privately controlled, independent organization of philanthropic aid to the institution. The Foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Service’s 501(c)(3) guidelines.

While state appropriations provide a base for University operations, the Foundation has a common goal of ensuring Athens State University continues as a top regional educational institution. The impact of the support provided by our donors can be seen and felt daily on the Athens State University campus. Our facilities, curriculum, mission, and goals are all dependent on the generosity of all those touched by what has happened, what is happening, or what will happen here. Our students begin their success stories at Athens State due to our ability to provide an outstanding education by an exceptional faculty at an affordable price. The benevolence of the supporters of the Athens State University Foundation provides scholarships and infrastructure to give each student a successful start.

As we begin our third century of operations, we ask for your continued support. Please consider supporting “Athens Forever” and become a part of the important work of this great institution.

Total Amount of Gifts in 2020-21
Total Number of Gifts in 2020-21


As the current caretakers of this historic place, made possible by the dreams of those early few, we are responsible for ensuring that the story continues. With your support, we can honor the University’s vibrant past with an even brighter future, strengthening our commitment to students as we enter our third century as an institution of higher learning. We invite you to become a part of “Athens Forever” and help us build this foundation.

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Generous donors – alumni, faculty, staff, parents, corporations, volunteers, foundations, and friends – help us carry out the University’s mission on a daily basis. While each donor has a unique reason for providing support, all have a common thread: the desire to provide opportunity and advance knowledge. Find your reason to support “Athens Forever” and help us build a brighter and more capable future.