Despite epidemics, wars, and economic downturns, Athens State has not only endured but has grown into a highly respected university. Our commitment to serve our communities, as well as our students, is stronger than ever. Over the past two centuries, many have shared in the mission and vision of the institution to help in reaching such a milestone. These individuals collectively care about the same thing – our students and their future success.

Athens State University is grateful to the generous alumni, faculty, staff, parents, corporations, volunteers, and foundations who help us excel every day. Contributions of both time and money allow the University to provide an exceptional education to today’s learners while preparing for what lies ahead. Though every gift is as unique as its donor, each aims to provide opportunity and advance knowledge. This common goal is what unites the University community as one and positions Athens State as an indispensable leader in education. This special time in the University’s history would not be possible without donors and their loyal support.


GOAL: $2,500,000

An investment account in which all funds donated will remain in perpetuity and be invested to generate income for the University. The University is in good financial condition. We prudently manage our assets in order to keep tuition costs as low as possible while maintaining a quality level of instruction. As a not-for-profit state institution, our budget each year allows us to cover our expenses and in some years, place a small amount in a fund for future projects. Having a private endowment that may be used for critical needs, unforeseen emergencies, capital improvements, or any number of other necessities is critical to the long-term success of the University.


GOAL: $5,000,000

Currently, the Athens State University Foundation funds approximately 150 scholarships, awarding approximately $150,000 annually to students. Our goal for this campaign is to double that number in five years. Athens State is a working persons’ institution, meaning a majority of our students attend college while holding down a full-time job. Many have children, are the first in their family to attend college, and most qualify for some financial assistance. They are here for a better life. We believe that attracting students, whether they have financial need or receive merit-based awards, depends on our ability to offset the costs of a quality education.


GOAL: $2,000,000

These gifts provide the flexibility to meet unforeseen needs as we strive to realize our mission of empowering students for success. The Athens State University Foundation is proud of its history in ensuring our donors that we are extremely cognizant of their investment and that we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. Historically, we spend approximately 5% of our total funding on items related to administrative costs Therefore, $0.95 of every dollar donated goes directly to help our students succeed. In prior years, we have used unrestricted gifts to help students who have financial emergencies, to fund University needs not covered by state appropriations, and as a buffer to ensure we have adequate funding to assist in areas of immediate need that occur outside of the budgeting process.


As the current caretakers of this historic place, made possible by the dreams of those early few, we are responsible for ensuring that the story continues. With your support, we can honor the University’s vibrant past with an even brighter future, strengthening our commitment to students as we enter our third century as an institution of higher learning. We invite you to become a part of “Athens Forever” and help us build this foundation.

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