Athens State University has been awarded a $1 million grant from the Alabama Capital Improvement Trust Fund. These funds originate from oil and gas capital payments received into the Alabama Trust Fund and are created for the purpose of financing public improvement projects and programs such as public education facilities. The governor appoints these funds where needed by executive order.

Athens State University strives to continually provide its students with the best service and facilities possible to ensure they receive an education of the highest quality. Technology has become a vital component to modern education, and the University seeks to further its expertise in this area. Therefore, the funds obtained shall be used to repurpose almost 11,000 square feet of existing space in the current Classroom Building for the purpose of furthering success in online programs, increasing accessibility, and meeting the technological needs of collaborating with online students.

The center will include the following:

  • An instructional design space for faculty and staff to work collaboratively on the development of digital content
  • A digital curriculum exploration environment where faculty can develop techniques and methods to incorporate discipline specific technologies that will engage students and improve learning
  • Audio/video recording and editing facilities
  • Technology enhanced classroom space
  • Faculty Commons area
  • Student collaboration space

The creation of an instructional design space on Athens State’s campus will ensure that faculty can create instructional content for online course delivery and serve as a space where new ideas and methods for teaching and learning can be forged. With a new, dedicated space, Athens State can continue to leverage technology to create impactful educational experiences for a diverse student population.