Athens State to Celebrate Bicentennial with Week-Long Series of Events

Please mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate a momentous occasion, one that few institutions of higher learning (and none in the State of Alabama) have reached — our bicentennial! The "Athens Forever" Bicentennial Celebration will consist of a week-long series of activities coinciding with Homecoming and Summer Commencement. We encourage you to [...]

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Athens College 1966-1970: A Respite from Chaos in a Changing World

Musings from Carl Sivertsen (class of ‘70) by Carol Chamberlain Since its inception as a Female Academy in 1822, Athens State University has chameleonized itself over time to accommodate winds of change and serve the most students. But for Carl Sivertsen and his buddies, one special era, Athens College [...]

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Our Story: Examining Our Past for a Bright Future

In 2017, the University began formulating plans for celebrating our 200th anniversary in 2022. A significant part of our Bicentennial Celebration revolves around updating our history as recorded in Dr. Elva Bell McLin’s 1994 book titled Athens State College. We recognize that Dr. McLin’s intentions were to record as much of the history as [...]

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Bruce Bateman

You go through mountain tops, and when you’re on the mountain top, then you’re going to go down to the valley.  Life is full of that, so it’s just keeping the course and having a goal, and working towards that goal. “After I graduated from high school, I attended Calhoun [...]

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Elizabeth Winland

"When I chose Athens State, I chose people who cared about me, who were going to help me get my degree, because it’s more than just a school." “From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I have always had a love for children and being [...]

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Chris Wade

"Do what you love. Do what you were made for.  That’s the only way you’re going to actually make a difference in the world. Otherwise, you’re going to waste your potential.” “I’ve always been a creative person, a creative kid. I used to think that I wanted to build jets [...]

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Ginger Harper

"I decided I should serve as a role model for my son and complete my education.  Otherwise, how could I ask him to do something that I had never done myself?  It was an opportunity for me to rewrite my family legacy and become the first person in my family to graduate from college." [...]

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Angelique Hill

"I want to help strengthen family units, as I believe that when people are raised in a healthy, strong, loving family environment, they can flourish more as a person." “Ever since I was a young girl, my goal in life has always been to help others—particularly those with mental health [...]

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Johnny Corbin

"Athens State smoothed off my rough edges, prepared me in thinking and planning and in the service." “What would you think if somebody came out of the blue and gave you a knighthood?” jokingly asked retired Navy veteran and Athens State alumnus, Johnny Corbin, who recently was knighted as Commander [...]

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