Athens State to Celebrate Bicentennial with Week-Long Series of Events

Please mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate a momentous occasion, one that few institutions of higher learning (and none in the State of Alabama) have reached — our bicentennial! The "Athens Forever" Bicentennial Celebration will consist of a week-long series of activities coinciding with Homecoming and Summer Commencement. We encourage you to [...]

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Our Story: Examining Our Past for a Bright Future

In 2017, the University began formulating plans for celebrating our 200th anniversary in 2022. A significant part of our Bicentennial Celebration revolves around updating our history as recorded in Dr. Elva Bell McLin’s 1994 book titled Athens State College. We recognize that Dr. McLin’s intentions were to record as much of the history as [...]

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Tevin Terry

"When I got to Athens State, it was the polar opposite of what I had experienced at that other school, and I was like ‘Wow! This is a place I feel like I belong and I feel like I can do better and actually grow to my full potential.'" “The [...]

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Elizabeth Thomas

“Athens State has been more than I could ever have hoped for it to be. It has far exceeded my expectations.” As one of the newest real estate agents in Athens, Alabama, Elizabeth Thomas has already obtained her dream job, and she hasn’t even graduated from college yet! “Starting my [...]

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Victoria Jones

"I chose education because I truly believe anytime you want to impact a community - or definitely a generation - it starts with education. So far within my career in music, I love seeing how people have connected to it, and just that connection - it shows me how important community is. I hope [...]

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Courtney Boaz

“I wanted to see the school, and when I brought my transcripts in, they accepted me on the spot and picked out my classes for me. Everyone immediately took me in and tried to be helpful and get me under their wing. It was such an amazing experience all around that I decided on [...]

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Jeremy Boles

“The scholarships make it possible for me to attend Athens State. There is not a monstrous amount of debt, and everything is manageable now.” If there’s an event going on around campus, chances are good that you’ll see Jeremy Boles, one of the most active members of Athens State’s student [...]

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Lainey Keller

"Athens State is just THE place to go if you want to become a teacher,” Lainey said. “It’s the best of the best for a teaching education.” “I just want to be the type of teacher that makes a difference in a child’s life. If I can reach at least [...]

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Diandra Matthews

“Everything that I was trying to do for DAYS at that other school, I was able to do in one day here.  It was pretty great,” Diandra happily recalled.   “People might say things, but go for what you believe in and stick with it, because you will accomplish a [...]

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Ally Holmes

Celebrating a Head Start: An Interview with Ms. Ally Holmes, Athens Bible School Class of 2018 Meet Ally, one of Athens State's newest faces on campus. Majoring in elementary education with dreams of making a difference in the world, Ally, like many other students, is excited about experiencing everything her [...]

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