Dateline: May 6, 2019

Dynetics recently donated $15,000 to Athens State University’s College of Business to be used toward its undergraduate and graduate-level Logistics and Supply Chain Management programs. The University was chosen in part because of the rising demand for graduates in the fields of cybersecurity and logistics and supply chain management in the Huntsville area.

“The business environment continues to grow, and there is a need for logistics and supply chain management specialists. Athens State is preparing their students for those future careers, and Dynetics is definitely looking to fill positions such as these soon. We hope these students will look for a career and want to stay in the Huntsville area after graduation,” said Ronnie Chronister, Dynetics senior vice president of contracts and Athens State University Board of Trustees Chairman.

Dynetics will also offer one paid internship to an Athens State student each year. The Dynetics Internship Program employs more than 100 interns each summer from more than 20 institutions in the United States.

In addition, Dynetics donated $15,000 to the University of North Alabama to support their Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Lab, bringing their total charitable contribution to universities in Northern Alabama to $30,000.

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